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Important Clarifications:
These prices are approximate, our intention is to give you an idea of how much it would cost to Remove, Prune and Grind a stump.
For us, we prefer you take advantage of our free estimate, where one of our estimators gets eyes on to determine the most efficient way to accomplish the work ( i.e, Distance from the tree to home, power and utility lines etc.

Tree Removing

Tree Diameter - DBH                         Prices

       6"   to   10"                      $   200.00   BTW  $    400.00

     11"   to   15"                      $   400.00   BTW  $    950.00

     16"   to   20"                      $   950.00   BTW  $ 1,500.00

     21"   to   25"                      $ 1,600.00  BTW  $ 1,900.00

     25"   to   29"                      $ 2,000.00  BTW  $ 2,500.00

Tree Pruning

Tree Diameter - DBH                               Prices 


        6"   to   10"                    $    150.00   BTW   $    250.00

      11"   to   15"                    $    300.00   BTW   $    450.00

      16"   to   20"                    $    550.00   BTW   $    700.00

      21"   to   25"                    $    800.00   BTW   $    950.00

      25"   to   29"                    $ 1,000.00   BTW   $ 1,300.00

Grind Stump

Tree Diameter - DBH                        Prices

       6"   to   10"                                     $ 150.00

     11"   to   15"                                     $ 200.00

     16"   to   20"                                     $ 250.00

     21"   to   25"                                     $ 250.00

     25"   to   29"                                     $ 350.00

How to Measure a Tree

Here we explain 3 ways you can measure your tree, this way you can use the chart we provide above

Using a Proffesional DBH Tape
and measure at the height of your chest
Midiendo 2.jpg
Using a regular tape measure and project side by side of the tree.  and measure at the height of your chest

And you can also use your normal measuring tape and put it around the tree at the height of your chest, divide the result by 3.14 and you will have the exact diameter of your tree as a result.

When should I Prune my Tree?

The most recommended date to prune your tree is when the sap is at the base and roots of the tree. This phenomenon occurs between the months of November and April or would it be the same as saying begins between early Fall and continues until early Spring.

You must never forget that no more than 30% of the tree's foliage should be removed.

But this does not mean that during the rest of the year we cannot touch the tree,  since of course we can remove dead branches or branches that endanger your house, garage or other property.

Our certified arborists will be in charge of keeping your trees healthy.


 But, if you want to be more meticulous with the care of your trees, it will be our pleasure to schedule an appointment with our Master Arborist Jody Elswick.

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